Springtime Storage

Published on 3/19/2020

Springtime Storage

Springtime means melting snow, warmer weather and longer days. For many people, spring is a time to get things done like cleaning, gardening, and organizing. So why not rent a storage unit to make all these things a little easier?


Spring cleaning is something many people take part in and the warm weather is a motivator. Take time to clean out those closets, the garage, and even an outdoor shed. Take any clutter or unnecessary items to a storage unit. Your clutter can be out of sight, out of mind and easy to access if needed.


Winter weather is over… hopefully. So, take this time and warmer days to put some of those winter items in storage. Store away outdoor things like shovels, snow blowers and sleds to make room in your garage. Other items like Christmas trees and indoor decorations can also be easily stored until next year’s festivities.


Want to plant a garden but have nowhere to store equipment? Rent a storage unit! Renting a unit allows you to store away larger garden tools like shovels, wheelbarrows, and rakes when planting is done. If you need to access these tools any time after storing, that is no problem! Access your unit quickly and easily during any time at Saber Storage to get things out or put them back.


Springtime is moving season; many people take this time and good weather to buy or sell a house. So, to make that move easier try renting a unit. An indoor or outdoor unit of various sizes are available to store during times of change. Don’t just let your things sit in boxes in the middles of a move, just pack them up in a unit until you’re ready to unpack.


Just bought a camper for summer but don’t need it yet? No worries. Saber Storage not only offers storage units but outdoor storage parking spots. If you don’t want that camper, RV or boat taking up room in the driveway, then rent a spot at Saber Storage. Indoor parking spots are also available for vehicles of all sizes and easily accessible at all times.


The spring season is a good time to store or pack things away and check things off the to-do list. The colder days can be used to clean and organize your home, and the warmer ones to pack things up in a storage unit. Rent a climate-controlled, standard unit or outdoor/indoor parking spot today to kick-off springtime the right way!




 Emma Zimmerman