What is Climate Controlled Storage?

What is climate controlled storage and why would you choose to use it? This video helps answer those questions as well as what type of items you may want to store in a climate controlled unit.

Climate Controlled refers to the conditioning (heating or cooling) of the air for the indoor units.  The building includes an air handling unit capable of keeping the space within a temperature range of 55 to 85 degrees F year round and a humidity range of 50% to 60% in the warmer months.

Why Use Climate Controlled Storage?

Storing certain items in non-climate controlled storage for a long period of time may cause damage due to high humidity in warmer months, high temperatures over the summer and cold temperatures in the winter.  Indoor Climate Controlled Storage provides extra protection from the weather. The units are located inside for extra security.

At Saber Storage, every tenant is provided a unique gate pass code and a unique building access code.

A material lift is installed on site for easy transfer of items to upper floor.

Items to Store in Climate Controlled Storage

Sports Equipment
Home Furnishings
Home Furniture
Office Furniture
Office Supplies