Storage and Winter Weather - Electronics

Published on 1/24/2020

Winter weather is hard on everybody and everything, including your electronics, leather or wooden furniture, collectibles, and lawn equipment. Because of the harsh Midwest winter temperatures, it is important to pay attention and take caution when storing items of value.   This “Storage and Winter Weather” series is designed to help you properly store your items.  The first post will cover properly storing your electronics in cold weather.

Cold temperatures are hard on electronics. Cold weather can not only destroy an electronic device, but can also destroy batteries within the device. Condensation builds up inside a device on batteries and can further damage the device with moisture and drain batteries entirely. If an electronic item must be stored, opt for a climate-controlled unit. Climate controlled units eliminate the risk of condensation, ice or snow melt seeping into a unit.  Climate controlled units will keep items at a desirable temperature.

Iowa winters are brutal, but they don’t have to be brutal on your belongings. Saber Storage offers outdoor units and climate-controlled indoor units of various sizes for your winter storing needs. It’s never too late to protect your belongings from harsh temperatures.


Emma Zimmerman