Moving Truck vs. Storage Unit

Published on 9/5/2019

Moving Truck vs. Storage Unit

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what size storage unit you will need.  Our website tries to make this easier, but sometimes you just want a clear answer! 

I pulled this information off of U-Haul's website ( and summarized it below.

5x5 storage unit - 4'x8' or 5'x8' trailer

5x10 storage unit - 10' Moving Truck

10x10 storage unit - 17' Moving Truck

10x15 storage unit - 20' Moving Truck

10x20 storage unit - 26' Moving Truck

(2) 10x20 storage units - 53' Semi Truck

Remember, these are just guides and some of it will depend on how tightly packed you want the truck or your storage unit to be!  Based on our experience, this is a pretty good rule of thumb. I hope this helps!

- Charlotte