What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Published on 7/29/2019

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate Controlled refers to the conditioning (heating or cooling) of the air for the indoor units.  The building includes an air handling unit capable of keeping the space within a temperature range of 55 to 85 degrees F year round and a humidity range of 50% to 60% in the warmer months.


If you could explain it simply for all of us lay-people out here… what does that mean?

 Basically it keeps your storage unit closer to how you would keep your house.


Why would someone choose to use climate controlled storage?

Storing certain items in non-climate controlled storage for a long period of time may cause damage due to high humidity in warmer months, high temperatures over the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter.

Climate controlled storage provides extra protection from the weather.


Can you give us an example of something you would want to keep in climate controlled storage?

My father-in-law loves to collect  baseball cards and has tons of records.  Unfortunately, my mother-in-law isn’t as enthusiastic about his piles of collections laying around the house.  Their compromise was that he could keep his collections, he just had to get a storage unit to keep them in.

In addition to baseball cards and records, a couple of other good things you may want to store in climate controlled storage are:



Sports Equipment


Home Furnishings


Home Furniture

Office Furniture



Office Supplies