Storage and Winter Weather

Published on 2/19/2020

Winter Weather Storage

Winter weather is hard on everybody and everything, including your electronics, leather or wooden furniture, collectibles, and lawn equipment. Because of the harsh Midwest winter temperatures, it is important to pay attention and take caution when storing items of value.   This “Storage and Winter Weather” series is designed to help you properly store your items.  The first post will cover properly storing your furniture in cold weather.

Climate controlled units are a safer route to take when storing furniture.  Wooden items can crack or warp in the cold, while leather can become dried out or discolored.  Keep in mind climate controlled units not only keep your stuff warm, but also keep you warm while accessing your unit.

Wrapping glass and plastic items in paper or another form of insulation can help prevent cracks if you must store them in a non climate controlled unit.  If you have to store furniture in a non climate controlled unit, cover it up with furniture covers or even spare blankets.

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